Start-up Companies focusing on development of innovative MEMS/Sensor/Actuator products can benefit from our professional and dynamic support in:

1-      System architecture and specification during the early stages of product development and specification in order to prevent waste of time and resources in the next steps through our experience with numerous start-ups, established and successful companies.

2-      The vital analog/mixed-signal Electronics/ASIC design and verification through our Hands-on approach and involvement.

3-      Filling the gaps between different disciplines and even Engineers (Analog, Mixed-Signal, Micro-mechanics, System, MEMS, Photonics, etc.) for cross-disciplinary Products. We work together with your Engineers deep into the details of different disciplines and sub-systems and contribute significantly to fill the gap of knowledge at interfaces with the goal to find the global system level optimum.

4-      Optimizing and simulating at system level and across disciplines rather than at block or discipline level, which is quite usual and widespread throughout many companies. We find it very important to consider the interaction of all systems from the early phases of development with the integrated SAND approach.

5-      Turn-key ASIC, MEMS and Package solutions by involvement of our established and experienced partners.