MEMS/Sensor/Actuator Product

Typically MEMS/sensor/actuator products, although quite complex systems, have 3 major strongly interacting and fully dependent components, i.e.:

a) The sensitive physical MEMS/sensor/actuator element,

b) The complex signal conditioning analog/mixed-signal ASIC and

c) The package housing both MEMS and ASIC. In fully integrated systems the MEMS and ASIC might be manufactured on the same die, while in more discrete systems they can be on the board or PCB.

In order to guarantee that these systems work properly, especially right after the development period, it is very important to consider the interaction of all sub-systems already from the early phases of development. We call this approach the integrated SAND approach. We support our customers with this approach to enable them to get complex products working due to the requirements quickly by avoiding long phases of debugging and problem fighting. By this approach we do not focus only on reducing the design and development time of ASIC or the electronics and other sub-components but more importantly we help our customers to reduce the time-to-market of their product as a whole.

MEMS/sensor products are generally complex and multi-disciplinary mostly including: mechanics, electronics, microelectronics, microsystems, software, physics, optics, complex algorithms and etc. Due to our experience most problems during all product development phases appear on interfaces between different sub-systems and disciplines.

We tend to support our customers with our integrated SAND approach to avoid these problems. With our experience in analog/mixed-signal and in development of complex multi-disciplinary products we can also offer support in architecture, specification, design, verification and characterization either directly by consulting or by involvement of our partners for larger projects.