Benefits of Cooperation with us

The problems we see and want to counteract

One of the main reasons why many ASIC and MEMS/Sensor product developments fail is because of being too late or too expensive. This is in many cases due to the fact that not enough care was given to the tricky and challenging Analog/Mixed-Signal part and its interfaces already in the early stages of development.

Issues like: Interface of MEMS to the analog front-end (AFE) and its specification, noise, jitter, power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), EMC, EMI, power and chip area, just to name a few, can turn to millions of losses in € or $. This caused by additional re-spins, never-ending debugging efforts and times turn very often into killer issues for a project or a product or even a whole company.

We want to support our customers to counteract these issues through our integrated SAND approach. That is avoiding to get lost in the details and optimizations of only the one or the other discipline or sub-system by optimizing the complex products on the system and product level.

With our business model we support 3 types of companies: 1- Start-ups, 2- ASIC Companies and 3- MEMS/Sensor and Photonic Product Companies.

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