For development of ASICs we can provide you two types of support:

1- Hands-on support of your own ASIC development activities including:

                a) Feasibility study

                b) Reviews and development of specification parameters,

                c) Chip and circuit architecture,

                d) Power Management Strategy and blocks like: Low Drop-out Regulators (LDO)

                e) Design and verification of BiCMOS and CMOS Analog/Mixed-Signal and RF blocks like: 

                Low noise amplifier (LNA), Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) for optical receivers, Sigma Delta ADC, etc.

                 f) Design and Layout review

                g) Project management of challenging ASIC developments

2- We can also support your company if you work with an external ASIC design house in:

                a) Interfacing and Review of all activities from feasibility study, specification, design, layout, post layout to characterization of silicon and interpretation of results for further 

activities and design improvements. The goal is to support you and your external design house with our years of experience across the industry and different products to avoid costly and time consuming re-spins.

Covered markets are: Automotive, Consumer, Industrial and Medical

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.