Architectural and ASIC (Analog/Mixed-Signal and RF IC) Solutions for Sensor Products with Strong Focus on MEMS, LiDAR, Optical Sensors and Detectors. 

SAND MicroSystems has already provided innovative solutions to several larger leading as well as smaller and start-up companies to realize novel Sensor Products (like: MEMS, LiDAR, Optical Sensors) and Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits).

We have already worked on numerous Sensor Products like: MEMS Microphone, MEMS Mirror, Accelerometer, Pressure Sensors, LiDARs, Optical Detectors (PiN, APD, SPAD, SiPM), Ultra High Speed Optical Interfaces (PAM-4, 56 GHz) and many others.

We are experienced in offering:

Solutions for Prototypes on PCB

Strong focus on the specially challenging Analog/Mixed-Signal and RF parts and spice simulation with discrete components as a first product demonstrator in order to minimize the risks and challenges.

Solutions for Integration on Chip (ASIC)

These include feasibility study, cost and risk analysis, specification, system architecture, design, simulation and verification of on-chip analog/mixed-signal blocks (with Cadence or Synopsys), design review before tape-out, characterization.

Analog/Mixed-Signal ASIC blocks and optical detectors that we have designed as integral part of customer teams so far are like: PreAmplifier and Low noise sensor analog interface, Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) , ADC (like: Sigma-Delta), DAC, PLL, LDO and Power Management blocks, PiN and SPAD/SiPM optical detectors.

Professional Coaching

We train and coach Team/Project Managers as well as Engineers with state-of-the-art approaches towards higher effectiveness and on-time product and process development (time-to-market - TTM) through our direct technical hands-on involvement and approach in your running projects.

Failure Analysis, Verification, Design Review and Debug

If you already have your own team or work with an external design house, we can help you and your internal or external partner with our years of experience across the industry with numerous microelectronic products and international companies to minimize your risks and avoid costly and time consuming re-spins. With review and interpretation of process, design, simulation and measurement results we provide you with new solutions to meet the right decisions.

Reduce your Costs and Product Development Time significantly through intense customer contacts, stronger Front-Loading and Risk Analysis already at the beginning!

Benefits of cooperating with us